Coromandel express accident in Odisha Cause Devastation: 233 Killed and Over 900 Injured; Rescue,Relief Operations Underway and cause of accident

Tragedy Strikes Odisha: Massive Railway Accident Claims Lives and Disrupts Services

In a devastating incident that unfolded at the Bahanaga station in Odisha’s Balasore district, a railway catastrophe has left a trail of destruction. Late on Friday evening, the Coromandel Express, part of the Bengaluru-Howrah route, collided with a goods train, resulting in a horrific derailment. The consequences have been dire, with over 200 people losing their lives and an additional 900 individuals sustaining injuries.

As the rescue operations continue amidst the wreckage, railway authorities have taken immediate measures to address the situation. In response to the tragedy, 49 trains have been cancelled, while 38 trains have been redirected to alternative routes. Furthermore, 20 trains have been shortened in their journeys, considering the gravity of the incident.

Preliminary reports indicate that the ill-fated Coromandel Express was traversing the mainline when the accident occurred. This calamity ranks as the fourth deadliest railway disaster in India, based on available records. The collision site near the Bahanaga Baazar station lies approximately 250 km south of Kolkata and 170 km north of Bhubaneswar.

The repercussions of the crash were severe, with several coaches of the Bengaluru-Howrah Superfast Express derailing and toppling onto adjacent tracks. Tragically, these derailed coaches collided with the Shalimar-Chennai Central Coromandel Express, causing its coaches to overturn as well. Adding to the complexity of the situation, some coaches of the Coromandel Express, en route to Chennai, struck the wagons of a goods train after derailing.

The aftermath of the accident presented a grim scene, as rescue teams deployed gas cutters to extricate bodies from beneath the overturned coaches. Dawn revealed the extent of the destruction at this small way station on the east coast railway line. Witnesses described the scenes as too distressing to put into words.

The impact of the collision left the railway tracks in shambles, with mangled coaches scattered across the area. Some coaches were even stacked upon one another, while others lay overturned due to the sheer force of the crash.

This tragic event serves as a reminder of the critical importance of railway safety measures. The authorities are working tirelessly to manage the crisis and restore normalcy to the affected railway services. Investigations into the causes of the accident are underway, aiming to prevent such disasters and safeguard the lives of passengers in the future.

coromandel express route map from howrah to chennai
coromandel express route map from howrah to chennai

Odisha train accident cause

In a devastating incident, the Yesvantpur-Howrah Superfast train collided with a series of derailed coaches, creating a scene of utter chaos and destruction. The collision occurred as both trains were hurtling along at high speeds, resulting in a catastrophic event that unfolded within a matter of minutes between 6.50 pm and 7.10 pm.

Eyewitnesses and officials are left grappling with the magnitude of this massive tragedy. In response to mounting questions surrounding a potential operational failure, the Railways has promptly initiated a thorough investigation to uncover the root causes of the incident. This step aims to shed light on the circumstances surrounding this unfortunate event and bring forth crucial answers in the pursuit of justice.

South Central Railway (SCR) Establishes Helpline Numbers for Assistance Following Coromandel Express Derailment

In response to the unfortunate derailment of the Coromandel Express at Bahanagabazar station in Odisha’s Balasore-Bhadrak section, the South Central Railway (SCR) has promptly set up helpline numbers to provide necessary assistance to those affected.

The following helpline numbers have been established:

Vijayawada Station:Rly: 67055

BSNL: 0866 2576924

Rajahmundry Station:

Rly: 65395

BSNL: 08832420541

SCR Hqrs, Rail Nilayam, Secunderabad: 040 – 27788516

Vijayawada Railway Station: 0866 – 2576924

Rajahmundry Railway Station: 0883 – 2420541

Renigunta Railway Station: 9949198414

Tirupati Railway Station: 7815915571

Nellore Railway Station: 0861-2342028

These dedicated helpline numbers have been established to ensure that affected individuals can seek immediate assistance and obtain necessary information regarding the situation. The South Central Railway (SCR) is committed to providing all possible support during this challenging time.

Passengers and concerned individuals are encouraged to reach out to the respective helpline numbers for any queries, assistance, or updates related to the Coromandel Express derailment. The SCR remains focused on managing the situation efficiently and minimizing the impact on railway operations.


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